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Sea Eye Care's Optical

    At Sea Eye Care, we carry a large variety of unique glasses including bright and colorful frames to help you stand out, and also milder shades that allow a natural look.

    We carry designer frames such as Vera Wang, high-end boutique lines like Gucci, independent frames like Scott Harris, and more cost-friendly lines that allow a frame that is right for all of our patients and clientele. 

    Our Head Optician, Erika Price, is diligent in her craft and allows the frame selection process to be a fun, enjoyable, and low pressure experience. In our optical we did not use the typical corporate marketing material frame companies send. Instead, we used photographs of real local patients to fill our walls. Erika performed the photoshoots. We believe this personal touch makes our optical stand-out compared to the rest.

Meet our Optician, Erika Price
Erika, with her husband.
Erika taking home the blue at her last dressage horse show. 
Erika Price is our Optical Manager at Sea Eye Care. Erika has worked in the optical industry for several years now. As an avid gamer and computer science major, Erika is passionate about protecting eyes from digital eyestrain and blue light. She is always happy to help patients choose eyewear that makes them feel comfortable, look outstanding, and improve their quality of life!

Originally from Greenback, TN (a small town near Knoxville) Erika relocated to Hampton Roads in 2013 with her spouse. She currently lives in Downtown Norfolk.

When not personally helping patients select eyewear, Erika owns a portrait photography company. Her work has been nationally published in several magazines. In fact, she provided us with many of our photographs in the office. She is also an avid dressage rider and enjoys spending time with her horse, Rein.

Check out some of our frame’s (any picture of a patient/client was posted with his/her written permission).  

An Optical that Promotes Locals

Pieces from local artists, photographs of local people, and one of our lines is an in-house custom line. Even enjoy coffee from a local company, Norfolk Coffee and Tea Company while going through the glasses selection experience.